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K-12 Education

Central High School, Bibb County School District,
Macon, GA

Central High School is a new, comprehensive high school which replaced an existing high school adjacent to a new site.  The facility accommodates 1,000 students but can be expanded to 1,200 without increase of support facilities such as Media Center, Food Service, Gym, etc.  The project achieved LEED Silver.
One of the design challenges was to allow phased construction in order for the existing school to continue to operate.  A limited site dictated a two story solution for classrooms with the remainder being single level.  The new gymnasium had early occupancy in order for the existing gym to be demolished.  The building was completed in May which allowed equipment to be relocated from the existing building.  Upon completion, the old building was demolished to accommodate new facility and visitor parking.

Howard High School, Bibb County School District,
Macon, GA​

Howard High School is part of a middle school/high school complex sharing central facilities for food service.  Dunwody/Beeland designed the 190,000 SF facility and coordinated with another local architect to design the middle school.  The facility is based on a prototype developed by the two firms for the Bibb County School District.  When Howard was 90% complete, the scope was increased to add a 600 seat auditorium. The basic classrooms are constructed in a two story building surrounding a central courtyard. Vocational art and ROTC areas are housed in conventional wings.

Veterans Elementary School, Bibb County School District
Macon, GA​

Veteran’s Elementary School was constructed to replace the 2-level, non-handicap accessible Morgan Elementary School.  Due to the extreme changes in elevation throughout the site, we designed a structure that could adapt to the challenging elevation.  As a result, we designed a one-story building with two 2-story wings branching off it.  The one-story front portion of the building houses the Reception Lobby, Administrator Offices, Library, Gym, and Dining Hall.  The one-story building splits into two 2-story classroom wings.  
The final school is a result of close collaboration with the Owner, Architect, and the CM at Risk who was brought on board during the preliminary design phase, a process which assured meeting the design objectives, as well as staying within the Stated Cost Limitations.  Since the project cost is substantially below the SCL, the Owner negotiated with us to design an amphitheater which will be covered by a portion of the CM contingency.  This amphitheater will be located in the area between the two 2-story classroom wings.
The school exhibits an innovative building design with state of the art classrooms.  One of our goals was to design a learning environment that encourages learning versus just placing students in a sterile “box.”  To accomplish this, we placed large glass windows and clerestories throughout the building to provide an abundance of natural light as well as selected vibrant, energizing colors that create a fun learning environment.  We also selected alternating colors for the classroom soffits going down hallways so the students can easily identify their classrooms.  

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