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Historic Preservation

Buckhead Theatre
Atlanta, GA​

The Roxy Theatre is a renovation project of an existing Atlanta Landmark that includes a new addition and full restoration of Theatre.  The goal of the project is to redevelop the three story facility as a multi-purpose meeting center including 9,000 square feet of meeting space to compliment the 1200 person performing venue.  The project also includes replacing the building systems and updating the entire facility to meet ADA standards. 

All the building systems were completely replaced and new systems such as audio/visual and stage riggings were added.  The new systems are high performance systems specified to make the Roxy Theatre the premier theatre and music and corporate event venue in Atlanta if not in the south.

Cox Capitol Theatre
Macon, GA​

This theatre was originally built to be a bank in 1897 and was converted into Macon’s first “modern theater” in 1916. It fell into disrepair and closed in 1973. A non-profit group purchased the building in 2004. Dunwody/Beeland helped to spearhead the restoration. They worked with Tony Long and Piedmont Construction to renovate this facility into a multi-use facility. This building is the first structure in the State of Georgia in which a non-profit applied for Historic Tax Credits and sold them to another institution.  Today it operates as a movie house, live entertainment venue, and rental facility.

Terminal Station
Macon, GA​

After many years of being vacant, the Macon Terminal Station was purchased by a Georgia Power Company subsidary and renovated for use as the Division Headquarters.  Historic Tax credits were vital for its economic feasibility and created a substantial design challenge requiring a close working relationship with Georgia’s Historic Preservation Office.  Although substantial changes were made including the enclosure of the open concourse, an addition to the rear entrance mezzanine, and the conversion of warehouse space into offices, it was granted all of the required certifications.

Dannenberg Lofts
Macon, GA​
Sterchis & Kessler Lofts
Macon, GA​
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